Can’t Get Financed?

Private Funds Available

With the new Dodd/Frank rules in place banks are severely limited in their ability to loan money to homeowners and commercial property owners.

If you need financing on your commercial building and have been turned down due to credit, income verification, or property qualifying, click here.

I look forward to getting people into great Homes or out of real estate problems. From buying your dream home in Hancock Park to selling your home in Agoura Hills, I can help.  I am a private Broker that gives you the full service and attention you want while offering sellers a reasonable commission.

Options are what you need, reasonable experienced help is what I offer.

High Yield Investments

Better Than The Banks

Tired of only getting 1/2% interest at the banks or losing money in the stock market?

Are you looking for safe, Real Estate backed investments with a great loan to value (LTV)?

If you’re interested in 8% or more return on your money, click here.

After 30 years in the Real Estate business, I’ve found that, even more than the money, I really love helping people.

I enjoy helping people solve their real estate or financial problems, saving them from making costly mistakes.

I can answer your questions, give you advice on great purchases, or save you from your current circumstances.

    • Is this house worth what they are asking?
    • Is my house worth what I think it is?
    • Can I qualify for a loan? How much will payments be?
    • I think my house is worth less than I owe. What should I do?
    • Can I qualify for another home if I sell my current one?

Click here to tell me how I can help you.