Paying for Overpricing.

I have a tendency to list properties at what the client wants to list them at. Now I try to let them know what is realistic when it comes to selling their home but most people don’t think that their house has really dropped that much. People that try to sell their home by themselves and not want or need or be willing to pay a Broker are some of my clientele. I am willing to list their home and just put it in the MLS only for them and let them do open houses, negotiate offers and inspections, and then try to do what they think we do. In every one of these cases I have had to step in and help them out with a full listing and take over the sale process.
Now lets be clear, I love the independent do it yourself seller who doesn’t believe us brokers have any value. I am an independent Broker that has no use for and hasn’t ever been tied to the large firm. I know the smartest, wisest nicest Brokers out there and if needed can get advise and direction without all the politics and fees. I am free to work with the independent seller at what ever commission we agree to. The difference between that independent sell and myself is my 30 years and thousands of transactions that have blessed me with knowledge and negotiating skills. I find the owner/seller of today is usually trying to sell their house their self because they are trying to not be a short sale and have ruined credit. The embarrassment that goes with the short sale is what keeps people from hiring a Broker. I have been through the short sale/foreclosure process myself and completely understand. Maybe this is what gives me the leg up with FSBO’s.
If you are close to being underwater and think you could use some help, call me. If you are close, in your mind, then you are probably going to be a short sale. People almost always think they are the area that hasn’t dropped that much.
Options, that is what I give sellers.

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