Hancock Park

This well known area of Los Angeles, home to our Mayor and many influential families in California, is in an unlikely neighborhood that anyone from out of the area wouldn’t  believe exists.  From the glorious mansions in the center to the stylish California and Spanish bungalows in the outer edges, Hancock Park is the center of Los Angeles’ professional habitat.  I have friends that live in Hancock Park and got to know it about 15 years ago.   It took a while to appreciate the pockets surrounding this part of the city and the hip, chic, eateries and coffee houses.  To be able to stroll to Larchmont Village boutiques  or the walk up Mexican classics on Vine is what gives Hancock Park it’s flavor and appeal.  Prices of Hancock Park homes never saw the huge drop in value that most of the surrounding areas felt.  This is because it is one of the most desirable sections of Los Angeles with access to freeways, down town, and night life.  I have represented sellers, buyers and investors in Hancock Park and everyone loves the area for their own reason.

If your a seller wanting to move up, down, or out of the area, I can help.  I do represent sellers at a reasonable commission that reflects the prices you can demand in Hancock Park.  Selling or buying a home is a serious proposition and needs to be reviewed and thought out.  Let me offer you options and help with this process.

References and past clients are what I love the most so if you need to speak to a past client for a referral, I can offer that also.

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