With 30 years of experience in all aspects of Los Angeles Real Estate we’re able to help you find your way through any transaction.

Whether it’s buying a home or selling a home, there are questions. From; “What do I qualify for?” and “How much of a payment should I be looking at?“, to “Is my house worth what I owe?” or “Can I qualify for another home if I sell my current residence?

We offer guidance and professional insight to all your real estate questions.

  • The option to buy or rent.
  • The option to short sell, get foreclosed on, or go bankrupt.
  • The option to get a fixed loan or an adjustable.
  • The option to sell my home and purchase another.
  • The option to refinance my home and buy another with my equity.

We offer our best thought out advice and guidance for every client.

At Trent Patrick we understand that each person, couple, and family has different needs and expectations.

We know the best direct lenders, mortgage brokers and attorneys when it comes to high-end Real Estate.

Contact us with questions and we will offer you options.